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Water Refugees

Yesterday, actor Mark Ruffalo (“The Kids Are Alright,” and the forthcoming “Avengers,” boarded a bus in New York City to deliver drinking water to Dimock, Pa.

Some of the town’s residents lost the use of their water after natural gas drilling by Cabot Oil and Gas apparently led to the migration of methane gas into residents’ wells several years ago. Still, on November 30, the company stopped paying to deliver water to the people of Dimock.

Credit to Jennifer Prediger

So Mark Ruffalo, Josh Fox, the Director of “Gasland,” along with other members of his group, which calls itself Water Defense, and family members affected by drilling, decided to send a 5700 gallon water truck from Binghamton, NY. to Dimock, Pa. The truck was the first such delivery, but the group said, it won’t be the last.

“The Environmental Protection Agency needs to intervene,” director Josh Fox said via phone as the bus traveled southward. “And these are Americans,” Ruffalo added. He was referring to the eleven families in Dimock, that their group had determined to help. Without this delivery, it would cost a family of 4, with a household of dogs and cats, roughly fifty dollars a day to supply themselves the water, one of the family members, Craig Sautner, 58, estimated.

Ruffalo added, “I could see this happening in a third world country, but this is America.”

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